The Beverly Hills Diet

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The Beverly Hills diet takes into consideration the correct combination of foods. It is based on the fact that, depending on the food you are eating, our bodies need certain enzymes to digest it. The presence of enzymes in this food can ease the process of digestion. Because of this, it is necessary to eat food with the proper enzymes or combine the foods well in a proper time frame to prevent the actions of certain enzymes.

The Beverly Hills diet does not force you to completely give up on certain foods. With this diet, there is no starving, counting calories, or giving up on foods completely. It does however, limit the consumption of salt, sugar, artificial sweeteners, as well as milk and salt.

The Diet

There are 3 phases to this diet:

1. The detox phase which consists of only eating one kind of food. Mostly, it is based on fruits, and lasts for 7-10 days.

2. After 10 days of eating fruits, you gradually start introducing other categories of food as well. This phase lasts for approximately 20-25 days.

3. At the end of the 5th week, you switch to the maintenance phase, that includes a varied diet according to your own needs and preferences. For example, it is recommended that after a meal that contains cheese, the next meal is based on pineapple. After a protein rich meal, eat some papaya to improve your digestion. If you make an exception and eat some sweets, take some grapes after. Watermelon is excellent after saltier meals. If your meal is rich in starch, try to base your nutrition on prunes, strawberries or grapes the next day.

Experts’ Opinions

Besides being based on many dubious assumptions, this diet recommends a very imbalanced and ineffective way of eating. The macronutrient balance is all wrong. With a few exceptions, the main meal is fruits. This diet does not raise any awareness of eating habits, but is based on concepts with no scientific background. Experts say that the weight loss that you may achieve during this diet is at best short term, and will be gained back during the “maintenance” phase.