Extreme Weight Loss Measures, and Keeping the Weight Off

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Weight Loss Surgery

For extreme cases, even weight loss surgery might be an option. However, in most cases surgery is only offered if you have exhausted all other ways to lose weight (including changes in nutrition and exercise levels). Surgical interventions often give good results. For some people though, surgery is not recommended because of some other health issues they may have. There are different kinds of surgery that can aid with weight loss. For example, a popular intervention is to make the stomach smaller, preventing you from eating as much. You will find it much easier to feel full. Another type of surgery is to make the food bypass some of your intestines, so that you don’t absorb all of the calories. There are also some new methods that involve making a balloon in your stomach, so that you eat less. After surgery, you will still have to make long term changes to your diet. You will also be under medical supervision for a while.

Temptations and Special Occasions

It is completely natural (and expected) that you will be tempted to break your weigh loss plan from time to time. It is important to realise that vacation, holidays etc impact your daily food choices and what you had planned to eat. Do you see any appealing situations? Some people think that watching TV shows that feature food heavily can make you hungry. Do your friends of family pressure you to eat or drink more than you usually would? Is it possible for you to avoid these tempting situations? If not, think about a good way to deal with them without overeating.

Advice: When feeling the temptation to cheat on your program, distract yourself immediately. For example, go brush your teeth or go for a short, brisk walk.

Stress, Depression and Weight

Many people eat in order to satisfy some kind of emotional need, or as a way of dealing with stress. How do you deal with stress? Do you feel that stress, unhappiness or depression could be the reason for your overeating? If so, did you consider some ways to stop that habit? For example, by going for a jog, a walk, talking to a friend or something like that.

Advice: Visit a doctor if you feel that you are depressed. Depression is often very curable.

Keeping the Weight Off

Many people lose weight, but at the end of the diet the weight comes back. The main reason for this yo-yo effect is because the changes that these people make are only temporary – to successfully keep your weight off, you need to make long term changes to your daily rituals. That means: – Dedicate yourself to eating healthy – Keep exercising regularly – A change for the whole household. It is difficult for one member of the household to eat and buy food separately from the rest of the family. It is best for the whole house to get used to a new and healthy way of living. That does not mean you should completely stop enjoying food. It does mean that it could take a little bit of time until you get used to new foods and new recipes. Some people need more support to maintain their new weight, than they needed to lose it.

Advice: After you lose the weight you wanted to lose, it is important to keeping weighing yourself once a week so you can keep an eye on your situation. Through this, you will see if your weight is starting to rise again, and you can react in time.