What is a Weight Loss Challenge?

Contact your Herbalife rep if you want some information about this fantastic new weight loss initiative for you and your friends!

If you have been talking to people involved in Herbalife recently, you may have heard of something called the “Weight Loss Challenge” or WLC. They may excitedly have told you that its a brand new initiative that is helping people all over the world lose weight like crazy – and here’s what it is and why it works so well.

The Weight Loss Challenge is basically a 8-12 programme where you gather and a group of other would be “losers” come together to learn about healthy eating habits and give each other motivation from week to week to keep carrying on with your new diet programme.

It is designed to be fun, simple, educational, and most importantly – a group activity where you can see others achieving their goals and so see that it is possible for you to do it as well. The group setting is perhaps the most important aspect of the Weight Loss Challenge because you are probably aware that most things are easier when you do them with other people. Also, through that group environment, losing weight and maintaining a diet that can seem tough at times is much easier and much simpler. The whole journey becomes something like a game, a fun social activity where you meet like minded people who share the same goals and problems as you, and so you can motivate each other to get the results you need and stay on your programme.

Depending on the Herbalife distributor organising the Challenge, the course can last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. When you register for the session you pay a small entrance fee that is used to cover the host’s expenses as well as create a prize pool – the winner of the challenge (the person who lost the most weight), receives a cash prize at the end. The more participants there are, the bigger the payout. Some distributors have also organised weekend trips for the winners. The purpose is to make losing weight feel like a game, and to give the participants that extra bit of motivation in the form of a physical reward for their dedication. Of course, the biggest prize is losing weight, improving your health and achieving the goal you set out for yourself, but there is no reason this can’t come with an added perk đŸ™‚

Every week, the participants get measured, they quickly go through their results with their coach, and see if they need to change or improve anything in the following week if they are not happy with their current results. There is then a short class (not more than 20m) regarding a topic that is a part of healthy eating – for example, the importance of proteins and where to get them, what are the best snacks to have in between meals etc. After this is done, depending on the organiser, there is either a prize being given for the most successful participant of the week, or a group exercise session, or perhaps a bit of socialising with the other members and an opportunity to exchange experiences.

If you want to know more about the Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge, contact your nearest Herbalife rep and check out the nearest group in your area!