A Great New (Old) Way to Lose Weight!

On this site here, you can get all the great products we will talk about in this post!

If you have been trying to lose weight (unsuccessfully), you might have heard of this great company that has been making fantastic weight loss products since 1980. Or you might have not heard of them – their products are not to be found in traditional places like supermarkets or pharmacies, but rather through their network of independent distributors.

While this may seem slightly strange and impractical, for the person who starts on one of their programs, its great news. The fact that you are only able to get the products from a registered distributor means that you get to actually interact with someone whose job it is to personally help you with your goals – an advisor, a person to support you, or “wellness coach” as Herbalife calls its distributors.

These Wellness Coaches are there to help you every step of the way. They will make the program that is right for you, helping you select the products that best match your needs. As we all live different lives, they will help you best adapt your program to your particular daily schedule to make sure you feel good and get the weight loss results you want. They will be there to answer all your questions during your program, and most importantly – they will be there to support you and guide you when you break your new regime 🙂

The program itself is very easy to follow – the biggest part of it are meal replacements called the Formula 1 shake. As the name suggests, it is a shake, which you make either with water or with milk, and it has been formulated to contain very few calories (only 220 per serving), but yet to contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins that you need to get through the day. Proteins are a very big part of the meal – each serving contains 18g. They are important because they are what keeps you full, despite the low calorie count of the meal. Proteins are also great because they don’t make your blood sugar and insulin levels spike, which is something that happens when you eat foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

Basically, you should replace 2 meals a day with the Formula 1 shake. They recommend breakfast and dinner, but you can of course adapt this to your particular schedule. A shake for breakfast is recommended though, as breakfast is really the most important meal of the day and also the meal that most influences how you will feel – and what you will eat – during the rest of the day.

There are various other products and supplements that go along with the shake. Some notable ones are the protein powder, that makes the shake thicker and more filling, as well as the Fibre & Herb tablets. The tablets are very important as they provide you with the necessary fibre intake for the day – but also help you feel fuller, which is quite important for someone on a weight loss program 🙂

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