Easy Weight Loss Tips

You noticed the kilograms piling on, and think that now is the right time to get rid of them without rushing and without stress? When they are thinking about losing weight, most people immediately think about a miracle diet that will immediately rid them of their excess weight. Find some great weight loss products on this Herbalife Srbija Proizvodi page here.

It is important to know that most diets are unhealthy because they do not provide you with enough of the key vitamins and minerals that you need for your body. If you want to see some good weight loss results, check out their testimonials page, Herbalife Iskustva. Their packages can be found on this page.

To get back to your ideal shape and get rid of the additional kilograms, you first need to re-examine your eating habits. What you eat is very important, but that doesn’t mean that you can only eat boiled vegetables or fish. With a little imagination and a lot of love for your body you can make meals that are low in calories, but rich in taste.

Avoid fried or deep fried food, as well as simple carbohydrates like chocolates, cakes and white bread. If you like pasta, and don’t want to give it up completely, choose the whole grain kind and cut back on the sauces. A good idea is yogurt with a little mustard and salt.

Meat dips should be replaced with light tomato sauce that you can additionally season. You don’t have to throw out bread completely either – just cut down, and again stick to the whole grain kind. Whole grain foods are rich in fibre and vitamins, and will help you with your bowel movements. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and leave the frozen ones for the times when you can’t find their fresh counterparts.

Choose good fats over bad fats. Every meal will be tastier if you add a little olive oil or aromatic herbs. Alcohol and soft drinks are always a no-no, drink fresh juices, teas and water instead. If you really have to, take a cup of coffee, but instead of sugar sweeten it with stevia.

Don’t forget physical activity! Just an easy session 30m per day or some other recreational sport will help you lose weight faster. If you are lacking the time or the willpower, at least walk fast when you are doing your daily chores.

The negative effects from excess weight to your health are well known, and don’t let that happen to you. Get moving, and let your motivation be your health and your attractive figure in the mirror.

10 Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass

Even though gaining muscle mass is no mystery, a lot of gym goers make very big mistakes when they start a program to gain muscles. One group of people think that you need to “pump” your muscles as much as possible, while the other thinks that it is not possible to achieve growth without supplements. The only truth is that you can only achieve the results you want by combining the proper nutrition and exercises. Find some great products for lean muscle mass on this page here, and you can check out their price list here (Herbalife Cena).

1. Use free weight through all the difficult series. How ever difficult exercises on machines may seem, they do not include as many additional muscles as free weights do.

2. Use complex and not isolating exercises. To gain muscle mass, it is best to use weights that encompass several different muscle groups.

3. Asses your own body realistically. Define which muscle groups are weakest and which you need to improve immediately, and do those exercises first.

4. Define the order in which you will exercise your different muscle groups. Do the biggest muscle groups at the beginning, and the smallest at the end.

5. Experiment with exercises. As there are many different exercises for every single muscle group, find the one that suits you most.

6. Avoid injuries. Be aware of dangerous exercises, and if possible avoid them as you can achieve great results with exercises that don’t stress your ligaments and tendons too much.

7. Exercise regularly, and use an optimal amount of exercises, repetitions and series for every individual muscle group. Muscles are formed in recovery so they need rest, and it is completely enough to spread your sessions over 3-4 days every week. It is recommended that every muscle group is exercised one time per week, and at most 2 muscle groups per session. Optimally, do 2-3 exercises per muscle group, with 8-15 reps for each exercise. Do the last series until you can do no more.

8. Eat more high quality calories, in several smaller meals spread throughout the day. If there is insufficient intake of food, your body will be forced to store the food that it gets. You should keep in mind that your body makes special stores of carbohydrates and proteins, and everything that is in excess is stored as fats.

9. Complex carbohydrates will give you the energy you need for training. It is recommended that you eat rice, potatoes, green leafy vegetables…

10. Proteins are necessary for you to develop. The recommended protein intake per day is about 2-3g per kilogram of body weight. Foods that are rich in protein are milk, eggs, lean meat and fish… and they should be included in every meal. Quality proteins can also be taken with supplements, whose advantages are that they are more easily absorbed and immediately supply the muscles with necessary amino-acids. Before and after training, it is best to use whey protein because it is easy to digest. Casein is a great choice to take in before going to sleep as it is absorbed by the body over 2-7 hours.   

5 Biggest Dilemmas of Gym Beginners

Before we begin to explain these dilemmas, know that nutrition is 80% of every gym result. If you are unsure of what to eat, check out this Herbalife Weight Loss site for some great tips and products.

1. How do I get abs?

Firstly, we all have abs. The thing is, we don’t all have visible abs, and some of us don’t have abs that are well developed enough for them to be visible.

One thing is clear, abs won’t be seen by simply doing thousands of abdominal exercises. You can do as many as you like, but you will not have the results you want unless you get rid of the fat on your stomach. You can see some great products to lose weight here.

Experts agree that when you reach around 10% body fat, you will be able to see your abs just fine, depending on your body composition and the arrangement of fat on your body.

In any case, it stands that only with fat loss will we be able to have visible abs. This of course means that we have to watch what we eat. You can find some a great meal replacement on this site, the Herbalife Formula 1 Shake.

2. What is the best training program for beginners?

We are living in an age of hyper fast communication. We send SMS messages, Facebook messages that link us a video on Youtube.

Anyone who spent even a few hours browsing the net is aware that there are boatloads of information on any given topic, and nowhere can you find information telling you which viewpoint is correct. The internet can be very confusing.

So don’t stress yourself with finding the best particular program for that exact precise moment in time of your life – just start.

Here are some simple exercises:

Squats: 5 series of 5 reps

Bench Press: 5 series of 5 reps

Dead Lift: 5 series of 5 reps

3. My legs are already muscular – do I really need to keep exercising them?

Let me just work on those shoulders and arms…. this is something that you hear in the gym all the time.

The reality is of course quite different. When someone thinks they have strong legs without exercising them, the truth is that they most often have fat legs, and not muscular legs. Even if someone does genuinely have strong legs, there is no reason not to do squats.

There are very few people who have such strong genes that will allow their legs to grow to the limit where they will seem disproportionate to the rest of their body.

Besides that, if you skip the legs in your training sessions, you are effectively skipping on exercising half of your body. Squats further increase the production of testosterone and human growth hormone, which will influence the growth of your biceps and increase your bench press strength.

Choose for yourself.

4. My left arm is smaller than my right. What should I do?

One piece of advice I really hate the most is when I hear advice like “Don’t work on your right arm until your left arm is the same”. This is probably the worst advice ever.

Let’s look at the matter with some commons sense. When we just start exercising, our muscles are weak and progress relatively fast. With time, the muscle becomes well trained, and naturally starts progressing slower. So, the weaker the muscle is initially, the faster it will progress initially and the better it will react to training. This means that the weaker arm will progress faster as we exercise it with the stronger arm.

5. How do I lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

Sitting with your butt on two chairs, so to speak, is very difficult. Especially when those 2 chairs are on opposite sides of the room. It is the same with losing weight and gaining muscle mass, with a few exceptions.

– When you just start exercising and proper nutrition. In this case, the stimulus from the exercise and a sudden change in eating habits is a great enough shock to your body to see drastic improvements in both weight loss and muscle gain. Unfortunately, this won’t last long – about a month, and that’s it.

– When you take androgenic steroids. Then, everything is possible. However, this is really not recommended.

If you want to get the best results, just start eating right today. You will be healthier, more defined and more muscular. You may need a few more months, but the results will definitely be worth it.

What is a Weight Loss Challenge?

Contact your Herbalife rep if you want some information about this fantastic new weight loss initiative for you and your friends!

If you have been talking to people involved in Herbalife recently, you may have heard of something called the “Weight Loss Challenge” or WLC. They may excitedly have told you that its a brand new initiative that is helping people all over the world lose weight like crazy – and here’s what it is and why it works so well.

The Weight Loss Challenge is basically a 8-12 programme where you gather and a group of other would be “losers” come together to learn about healthy eating habits and give each other motivation from week to week to keep carrying on with your new diet programme.

It is designed to be fun, simple, educational, and most importantly – a group activity where you can see others achieving their goals and so see that it is possible for you to do it as well. The group setting is perhaps the most important aspect of the Weight Loss Challenge because you are probably aware that most things are easier when you do them with other people. Also, through that group environment, losing weight and maintaining a diet that can seem tough at times is much easier and much simpler. The whole journey becomes something like a game, a fun social activity where you meet like minded people who share the same goals and problems as you, and so you can motivate each other to get the results you need and stay on your programme.

Depending on the Herbalife distributor organising the Challenge, the course can last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. When you register for the session you pay a small entrance fee that is used to cover the host’s expenses as well as create a prize pool – the winner of the challenge (the person who lost the most weight), receives a cash prize at the end. The more participants there are, the bigger the payout. Some distributors have also organised weekend trips for the winners. The purpose is to make losing weight feel like a game, and to give the participants that extra bit of motivation in the form of a physical reward for their dedication. Of course, the biggest prize is losing weight, improving your health and achieving the goal you set out for yourself, but there is no reason this can’t come with an added perk 🙂

Every week, the participants get measured, they quickly go through their results with their coach, and see if they need to change or improve anything in the following week if they are not happy with their current results. There is then a short class (not more than 20m) regarding a topic that is a part of healthy eating – for example, the importance of proteins and where to get them, what are the best snacks to have in between meals etc. After this is done, depending on the organiser, there is either a prize being given for the most successful participant of the week, or a group exercise session, or perhaps a bit of socialising with the other members and an opportunity to exchange experiences.

If you want to know more about the Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge, contact your nearest Herbalife rep and check out the nearest group in your area!

A Great New (Old) Way to Lose Weight!

On this site here, you can get all the great products we will talk about in this post!

If you have been trying to lose weight (unsuccessfully), you might have heard of this great company that has been making fantastic weight loss products since 1980. Or you might have not heard of them – their products are not to be found in traditional places like supermarkets or pharmacies, but rather through their network of independent distributors.

While this may seem slightly strange and impractical, for the person who starts on one of their programs, its great news. The fact that you are only able to get the products from a registered distributor means that you get to actually interact with someone whose job it is to personally help you with your goals – an advisor, a person to support you, or “wellness coach” as Herbalife calls its distributors.

These Wellness Coaches are there to help you every step of the way. They will make the program that is right for you, helping you select the products that best match your needs. As we all live different lives, they will help you best adapt your program to your particular daily schedule to make sure you feel good and get the weight loss results you want. They will be there to answer all your questions during your program, and most importantly – they will be there to support you and guide you when you break your new regime 🙂

The program itself is very easy to follow – the biggest part of it are meal replacements called the Formula 1 shake. As the name suggests, it is a shake, which you make either with water or with milk, and it has been formulated to contain very few calories (only 220 per serving), but yet to contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins that you need to get through the day. Proteins are a very big part of the meal – each serving contains 18g. They are important because they are what keeps you full, despite the low calorie count of the meal. Proteins are also great because they don’t make your blood sugar and insulin levels spike, which is something that happens when you eat foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

Basically, you should replace 2 meals a day with the Formula 1 shake. They recommend breakfast and dinner, but you can of course adapt this to your particular schedule. A shake for breakfast is recommended though, as breakfast is really the most important meal of the day and also the meal that most influences how you will feel – and what you will eat – during the rest of the day.

There are various other products and supplements that go along with the shake. Some notable ones are the protein powder, that makes the shake thicker and more filling, as well as the Fibre & Herb tablets. The tablets are very important as they provide you with the necessary fibre intake for the day – but also help you feel fuller, which is quite important for someone on a weight loss program 🙂

Contact the site in the header if you are interested, and let us know your opinion!